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→ 003; [action]

[For anyone walking along the village today, they might come across a rather strange sight. Two girls who look like they could be twins walking towards the clinic, with one hanging onto the shoulder of the other... or rather, one being held up by the other. And “she” doesn’t look too happy about it, either. But when is that one ever happy, really?]

--I swear, once these stupid drugs wear off-- [“She” started, blinking as if trying to get the effects to go away. Of course, it wasn’t going to work. It had taken a lot to sedate Sync, surprise surprise.]

It’s only a little bit further until we reach the clinic. [Ion all but ignores the attempted threat, keeping “her” voice soft in the hopes of keeping Sync’s temper at bay. Not that there’s much “she” could do to Ion in this condition.] Are you tired? We can stop and rest for a little while if you’d like...

I’m fine. [“She” snaps.] I don’t need your help at all. [Even ignoring the fact that “she” can’t walk in a straight line at the moment, which was why Sync was even depending on Ion to walk at the moment. It’s not like “she” wanted to, but at the moment it was inevitable.]

[Ion only sighs, once more ignoring Sync’s words and stopping at the nearest bench. Sync may still be far more affected than Ion, but that didn’t mean Ion wasn’t feeling tired as well. AND SYNC WAS A FATTY SO HE WAS HEAVY....

Sync sits with a sigh as well, not exactly fighting it for once. Even though Sync had said it wasn’t needed, “her” body was saying the exact opposite. As much as “she” wanted to get away from the whole situation, there was no way Sync was going anywhere fast.]

[Anyone out there want to help two “girls” in distress? Or, alternatively, anyone who actually knows them might see fit to realize those “girls” are not normally supposed to be girls...]


[Once Ion’s left Sync in the clinic to rest up, he’ll start making his own way back home. Only this time, he’ll be putting a bit more effort into concealing the little change the Malnosso decided to stick him with this time around... not that it’ll be very difficult, of course, given he is Ion. He’ll probably be walking a little unsteadily until he finally makes it back to House One, whereupon he’ll try to quietly make his way back to his room so he can curl up under the covers and sleep for awhile.]

[Of course, someone is free to intercept him, either to help him back home or greet him upon his return. Though he might be a bit more stand-offish than usual... and you would be too if you woke up as the wrong gender today.]


[Well finally, the rest of the drugs have worn off, and Sync’s back to his normal self -- personality-wise, that is. Everything else...has gotten him into a bad mood. Now that he’s not so sedate as he was earlier, he’s much more prone to losing his temper on anyone and anything he comes across. Kicking a puppy? Yeah, that’s what he’d like to do right now. He is slightly satisfied about the coat that Ion gave him, but there’s no way he’ll admit that ever. Just less embarrassment for him later, right?]

[He’s also making his way back home, hoping to just sleep off this curse Luceti brought on him. Maybe...maybe it’s just a bad dream.]

[But he’s pessimistic enough to know that that’s not even true, so he’s not going to bother hoping for long. Run into him? Good luck if you choose to...]


((ooc note: Please note in your subject line whether you’ll be running into Sync and Ion in the beginning, or either of them separately! Keep in mind three-way threads may move slower than others because timezones are a jerk. Or you can run into both separately, because this is funny ok ok.))
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Both - Outside - (With the Rope)

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[Ginji headed out pretty early for some supplies so he could work on a few things around the apartment as well as get a prototype model together for the upcoming Starfish Festival. He's on his way back to the house when he notices the two children awkwardly making their way through the village. From the way they've been moving slowly and leaning on each other, something's definitely up.]

[Ginji readjusts the roll of cord hanging over his right shoulder and hurries over to them and the bench.]

Hey! Is everything all right? The two of you looked like you could use some help.
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Sounds hot-- I mean wait no... Broji > Ion > Synchu? :'D

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[Ion doesn't look up until Ginji speaks, having been more or less staring at the ground blankly as he tried to fight off the urge to just shut his eyes and lean back on the bench for a nap. But he couldn't very well do that when he still needed to help Mister Angrypants here to the clinic!]

Oh, Ginji. [He blinks a few times before giving a tired smile.] Yes, we're all right, if not a bit tired. We were just returned from a kidnapping and were on our way to the clinic when we stopped here to rest.
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If I do that, you'll be all by yourself. That doesn't seem like such a good idea right after a kidnapping. [And who's to say that she'll go to the clinic at all after being left to her own devices?]

[Ginji turns his attention back to Ion, as if waiting for some sort of instruction. Neither of them seems to be in the greatest of shape - Ginji's no stranger to the signs of fatigue. A worried frown plays on his face.]
The clinic's still a bit of a way from here... [At least for two... (...) young people who are worn out.]
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[Sync's just gonna have to accept the fact that people will want to help him!]

[Though, the fact that he looks so moe when he isn't scowling, what with being a Fon replica and all, probably doesn't help...]

Actually, if it isn't too much trouble, would you mind helping us the rest of the way? Sync is a bit worse off than myself so I've been helping him, but I'm not sure how much further we'll be able to go...

[And yes, he said him.]
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You might not feel like you need it, but there's nothing wrong with accepting help from someone when they offer it to you. Besides, it'll be quicker this way. [Then you can get away from Ion.]

[He's trying to be reasonable, really. Ginji looks briefly confused at Ion's choice of words, but then it dawns on him. And he nods.]

I don't mind at all, but I'm not sure what would be easiest. I could probably carry one of you on my back, but I'm not sure if I could manage with both of you guys [It is guys, right?] at the same time.
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[Yeeeah, Ion may be trying his best to be a friend to Sync these days, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't still be wary about, you know, putting him that close to a good friend's neck. Especially when Sync is being so pissy. Not that it's any different from how he usually is...]

...I'll be fine until we make it to the clinic. We've both been able to walk this far by ourselves, after all. I'm sure just having another arm for him to lean on would suffice.

[And, then to Sync:] As soon as we get you to the clinic, I'll leave. I already told you, I'm not going to leave you behind.
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[Man. If this isn't the picture of two siblings with clashing opinions. The one's even more unreasonable than Asch on a bad day...]

Then look at it like this: we're not helping you, we're doing what's necessary.

[Ginji somehow doubts anything he says is going to help, though, and finally he sighs. He'll leave the rest to Ion.]

That's fine, too. And actually, I might be able to lend both of you a hand that way. Just let me know when you're ready to leave. [His eyes dart back in Sync's direction. This is going to be harder than he expects, isn't it?]
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The sooner we leave the better. If I rest for too long, I'm sure I'll start falling asleep... [There's a weak attempt as a laugh before he moves to stand, swaying only a moment before finding his balance.]

[And then he looks back at Sync, his voice softer and more gentle, even if it probably won't have any difference.]
Can you stand on your own, or do you need help?
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Got it. [Yeah, that sounds about right. Ginji readjusts the cord once more so it won't slide off his shoulder and steps forward, offering both of the green-haired girls. Ahem...guys an arm each. Though granted, he's casting Sync a bit of a questioning look, as if half expecting him to smack his hand away.]